AVG anti-virus 9.0 Review


For a less costly approach to complete and competent virus protection on your PC, it may be time to look into AVG anti-virus 9.0 which is able to provide protection from viruses as well as identity theft due to built in protection from industry leader Identity Guard.


Installation and Setup

The installation of AVG anti-virus 9.0 will take a reasonable amount of time to complete, but throughout the entire process an easy to follow wizard will lead users through both the installation and setup process making it simple enough for computer users of all skill levels to complete.

However, the benefit is that while it may take a few minutes to finish the wizard, once it is installed you can simply leave AVG anti-virus 9.0 running in the background of your computer with absolute confidence that it is protecting your PC. Once it is setup AVG anti-virus 9.0 is essentially an install and forget type of solution that does not cause your computer to lag and can be set to scan during time periods when your computer is not in use.


Interface and features

The interface of the AVG software is easy to navigate and extremely user friendly due to the fact it is optimized logistically and in a very straightforward fashion. Contained within it are graphical controls laid out in a concise fashion that allows users to quickly find what they need. However, it is worth nothing that while a scan is running two icons will appear in the system tray which while an odd quirk, is perfectly normal.

AVG anti-virus 9.0 has a substantial amount of features that assure you receive complete PC protection with your purchase. For instance, this year the virus signature database has become much more sophisticated with regular updates so that your computer is safeguarded from all threats at all times.

Also built into the AVG software this year are advanced heuristics so that new viruses that have not yet been discovered that behave like malware can be detected and isolated before they can do any harm. This proactive approach can save your computer from being one of the millions that falls through the cracks when a new virus or malware outbreak suddenly occurs.

Worth nothing is the fact that AVG anti-virus 9.0 is one of the few antivirus solutions that offers link scanning without your internet browsing so that you are aware of malicious links before you even have the opportunity to click on them. Titled the AVG LinkScanner technology, this process does not slow down your browsing experience but does provide complete coverage against malicious websites.

In addition, for those who often perform search queries online, the AVG program automatically ranks each search result from all of the popular search engines (Bing, Yahoo!, and Google) with a square colour icon that alerts you to the safety of each result based on traffic light warning signals. (Red is danger, green is safe, orange/yellow is caution may contain some links or malicious links) This extra layer of protection helps to protect your entire browsing experience and adds an extra security for browsers who heed its recommendations.


System requirement

Compatible with PCs having a free disk space of 512MB, running on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Vista x64 Edition, Windows 7, and Windows 7 x64.


Help and Support

AVG is ready and willing to help all customers with around the clock help and support concerns. Aid is available both within the program in the form of a user manual as well as instant online links that will lead to help from forums and an online help centre. Email support is available for AVG anti-virus 9.0 but without the purchase of premium support phone support is not available.


The retail price is $34.99 for 1-year subscription for 1PC. AVG coupons contains the latest AVG promotion information, you can get 2 years license for the price of 1 year.



AVG anti-virus may not have all of the fun features and the same brand name as top antivirus security solutions, but for a much lower price the software is able to provide complete PC protection against all malicious malware, viruses, and Trojans while offering a proactive strategy against infection that many security suites take for granted.





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