Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 Review

bitdefender antivirus plus 2015

Bitdefender Antivirus Security Plus 2015 is the new age security suite that serves the dual purpose of protecting as well as optimizing systems. Versatile as the rest of its prequels, this program works steps ahead in seamlessly switching between the users’ activities, while carrying out the security scans and setting adjustments underneath. The 2015 edition has been made a lot less intrusive than all the earlier versions. The suite aced the independent PGMag laboratory test, beating similar other products in the market by its superb anti-phishing attribute.


Read to know what new and advanced protection features have been integrated in this latest Bitdefender master-suite.


Installation and Setup

Installing this program is no different or difficult from other security applications from its makers. Simply run the file and it will ask for permission to remove your existing anti-virus. Once that is done, the install window pops up asking for the permission of users to proceed.

Bitdefender installation


1. Upon confirmation, it will automatically scan, download and install itself on the PC, showing the progress clearly on screen through blue-highlighted bars. Keep your Internet connection on in order to continue.





2. This will hardly take a few minutes, depending upon the Internet connection speed and stability. The software prompts the users to retry from the start of this step, should there be interruption or fluctuation in the Web connection.




3. Register your product online with the key that comes printed at the back of the product package to get yourself registered as a user with Bitdefender.




4. Once that is done, you’ll be allowed to make customized adjustments to the product to make it behave in a certain fashion, as is conducive to your activities.




5. You will need to activate the account by creating an account with Bitdefender. This account can be accessed through Facebook, Microsoft and Google. You can do this immediately and hit the ‘Ask Me Later’ option to leave for later.

With this last step, the installation process is done and dusted. You can now start using your new Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 for the protection of your computer data.






The user interface of Plus 2015 is the same as the Internet Security 2015 pack. It’s neat and minimalistic, but stylish and highly functional at the same go. Tabs are all arranged into a clean panel at the center with labels coupled with picture icons to facilitate fast using. The shades of grey and white worked great to ensure prominence and visibility without looking too loud or shiny. Besides, the simple layout ensures fast and easy navigation. The UI matches fluidly with the design of Windows 8 OS.



There are quite a few features in the Plus 2015 edition that backs up the performance it delivers in protecting and optimizing systems. The tool scored a 99.8% in the AV-Comparatives test report in beating malwares and has been ranked as one of the very few programs that affect the system performance in the least when running continually in the background. To highlight a few, here are some that might interest you.

  • One-Click Security: In order to make the security functions easily understandable and usable, this feature allows users to activate the security system in just one click.
  • Autopilot Feature: The anti-spyware and anti-virus autopilot feature is designed with intuitive intelligence that can detect known and unknown threats, and filter out all malware automatically without requiring the users to activate anything manually.
  • Bitdefender Photon: This is the most effective feature of 2015 that the company has highlighted as its prime USP. The advanced scanning technology used in the system gets rid of all possible slowdowns while speeding up the scanning process remarkably.


What’s New and Enhanced

Certain features have been integrated in this Plus 2015 edition to ensure greater security and minimum system lag.


Startup Optimizer: The tool is configured to manage all programs that start running at the time of system booting by flashing the list of active programs at the time of startup. This gives users the options to either deactivate or delay their startup so that the booting duration shrinks.  


Different Users’ Profiles: The program is designed with intelligence to detect the activities going on in the system. Depending on work, play, video watching and other activities, the application stops all other unused programs so that system resources are not maximally used for a smooth running.


OneClick TuneUp and Optimizer: TuneUp and Optimizer ensure that your system disk space is defragmented, unused programs are disabled, unnecessarily engaged disk space is freed up, etc., which altogether lead to speeding up of the system.


Wallet System of Payment: Online shopping is easier and faster with this feature. The wallet payment automatically fills up the credit card details in concerned categories by exporting information stored in the database.


Security Report: The reports produced are more elaborate and contain greater details like never before. You can now view your scan reports from as latest as last week to as early as the day of installation. Even general information such as free space, optimized apps, freed up space, etc., are also included in the status report.


System Requirement

The hosting system should have a basic OS of Microsoft Windows XP along with service Pack 3. For Windows Vista, SP2 and SP1 for Windows 7 are required to install the program. Besides, it also runs fine on both the versions of Windows 8 and 8.1. Minimum system configurations require running the antivirus are a 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. Available space necessary for installation is 1GB in the system hard drive.


Help and Support


Bitdefender has good repute when it comes to customer support services. The customer help desk is open for all users and 24/7 commitment is ensured to all callers. Bitdefender can be approached for enquiry and instant support through their hotline numbers, chat lines and emails.



The program is priced at $59.95 for a version valid for 1 year, usable on three different systems. Check the Bitdfender coupons to save you some money



Summing up all the features, new and old, coupled with its enhanced potency and improved performance, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 stands unrivalled in the market. Users can be assured of additional security with this program, not to miss out on the cleanup and performance improving utility. Top reviewing sites have testified its customers’ requirement-tailored features to maximize protection to a point that is ensured by none other in the market.



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