Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 Review


In the online world, security is more important than anything. Bitdefender Internet Security the New Edition version is forever on guard and aware. It is designed and created to protect millions and millions of users from around the world. It is known to protect users from any kind of invisible attack from different angles, whether from emails, internet, USB drives, social media, and network connected devices or even chat conversations. The new version is sleek and highly efficient. It offers silent defense from different e-threats. The user interface of Bitdefender Internet Security the New Edition is easy to use. The additional autopilot feature, which is an optional one, is designed to suffice every user demand, especially those in search of hassle free experience related to internet security.


Installation & Setup

First of all, you will have to download the software from its website itself and create an account to log onto it and enjoy every important feature. You can create an account from your email credentials or log on via your Facebook or Twitter accounts (which is an easier process)

Getting Started:

Register for the product. If you have bought the software then tick on ‘I purchased Bitdefender and I want to register now’ or try the free trial version by ticking on the other option.

Run autopilot and let it configure tour system:
Activate your product by signing up or even logging via your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account (which is an easier process)
The installation process is a long one. Users have to download the security suite first, install and then run a virus scan on their computers. During the process of installation, all threats are scanned and detected, indicating users to remove them, as soon as possible.



  • Bitdefender Internet Security New Edition offers easy-to-use, exhaustive and effective security tool for protecting user identity and computers.
  • When you are browsing through the internet, for example, using a search engine, the internet security software will give each of the URLs a rank of security, helping users to determine the authenticity of the browsed websites. The website filter makes use of specific type of definitions for blocking suspicious websites.
  • Users can also enable, monitor and restrict the internet activity of children.
  • Users can configure the various parental filters and choose whether to allow or block websites, emails, IM contacts etc. that might contain flagged phrases or words.
  • Application and internet accessibility can also be limited by users to a specific duration.
  • Bitdefender Internet Security quickly runs the entire system and scans the same. Users can schedule the process of scanning, as it does not interfere with the functionality of a computer.
  • The Scan Dispatcher tool is designed to trigger system’s scanning process, whether the machine resource and its usage falls.
  • The tool is also capable of scanning and checking outdated software and indicating the need for Windows updates.
  • The features provide a multi-layered defense approach.
  • It is also inclusive of a free credit monitory services for only US customers, via which, customers are given real time alters related to necessary updates and changes on their credit reports.


System Requirement

To run Bitdefender Total Security the New Edition, users need to keep in mind the following system requirements and technical specifications of their machines:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • 1 GB free space, along with 800 MB free space on the system drive
  • 1 GB RAM or higher
  • 800 MHz processor


Help & Support

Bitdefender Internet Security is made with an impressive and highly effective system. It is easy to access and offers professional help and useful resources. Users can avail answers to all their queries online only or even chat online, email or call 24*7.



Bitdefender Internet Security is a complete security package that costs only $69.95 for 3 PCs 1 year. Using a coupon code will save you some money; you can check BitDefender coupons for the latest coupon information.



The Bitdefender Internet Security the New Edtion is a powerful, efficient and streamlined suite. It not only looks good but it is also easy to use too. It is tried and tested software that has proven its effectiveness. The suite is designed to keep PCs, laptops and notebooks secured and clean, without compromising its level of performance at all. It features a 2-way firewall, which is a versatile one and capable of adjusting to settings automatically, in order to fit the concerning location. It is also integrated with a Wi-Fi monitor that offers additional protection to systems from any unwanted accessibility attempts to network of users. It is the best protection available because it offers social network protection, high level of security and active virus control!


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