ESET Smart Security 4 Review


If you need basic protection against pop-ups and removable devices in terms of video and gaming applications the ESET Smart Security 4 suite may be the perfect match.  Short and sweet, the ESET Smart Security does not offer a lot of free perks, but it does offer strong protection when you need it in a manner tailored for gamers and video viewers.


Installation and Setup

Installation and setup of the ESET Smart Security 4 is simple with only a few mouse clicks required to complete the self-explanatory set-up wizard.  Setup configuration is already in place for you, although you may want to spice up the default configuration a bit to maximum the benefits.

One of the areas in particular that you may want to configure on your own is the advanced firewall which can be easily done from the setup tree if you locate the file.  For those who need help with this step the setup manual that comes with ESET Smart Security can help guide you through the process or at least to the correct area of the set-up tree.


Interface and features

The interface of the ESET Smart Security 4 package is easy to use which makes it a great choice for those who are novice computer users.  The default configuration is not the best, but the menus that are included in the interface are self-explanatory and making small changes to adapt the security program to fit your specific needs is simple enough.

Included in the Smart Security suite is a virus scanner that is integrated with a Trojan scanner so that trojans as well as spyware and spam can be detected with one scan.  The filter easily integrates with Outlook so that your email is protected as well.  However, it is worth nothing that IMAP connections are not scanned by the ESET spam filter.  On the other hand, it does scan all SSL encrypted email and internet traffic so you can rest assured anything that arrives on your computer email is still always safe.

Also notable is the fact that the ESET Smart Security 4 suite does not come with computer settings protection of parental controls so if you are a parent seeking to protect your child from the internet as well as your computer from malware you may want to look elsewhere.
The average scan time of the virus scanner is about twenty minutes for a specialized scan which is considerably fast in terms of security scans.  For the most part the scanner is complete enough to catch most viruses although it does show some difficulty detecting old viruses which for the most part should not be a threat to your computer.

Of specific note is the firewall that comes with the ESET Smart Security 4 which offers a solid performance that will correctly judge most situations with the option to choose if you want manual permission request each time you access a new program.
Its new interface and several keyboard shortcuts simplify use for visually impaired users. Another comprehensive feature is that its Energy-sipping battery mode can extend laptop battery life without compromising security.

Compared with Eset antivirus, Eset smart security 4 provides 2 additional functions: Personal Firewall which prevents unauthorized programs from access your network or internet connect and antiSpam which separates annoying spam email from your legitimate email.


System requirement

Compatible with PCs having a free disk space of 32MB, running on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista and Windows 7.
Help and Support

You can first look at the actual ESET manual and application that comes pre-installed with the security suite.  In addition, the ESET website offers free technical support on its web site and within the ESET forums from professionals and fellow users as well as email and phone support from ESET experts if needed.



The retail price is $59.99 for 1-year subscription for 1PCs. ESET coupons contains the latest ESET promotion information, you can get 25% off on 2-year subscription for 1 PC for only $89.99.



Although you will not find the extra perks that come preloaded with many of the bigger security suite packages, the ESET Smart Security 4 suite is able to offer the major functions that you need for protection.  With average virus scanning and antispyware features, the ESET Smart Security is still a full suite of satisfactory protection for a budget seeker’s price range.

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