Why Adobe Flash is a Hacker’s Dream Target (And What to Do About it)

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Adobe Flash has some serious security vulnerabilities.

Adobe Flash has some serious security vulnerabilities.

Adobe Flash Player was released in 1996 and remains the most popular multimedia viewing applications on the market. Adobe Systems claims that this tool is installed on 99% of all Internet enabled PCs. Unfortunately, it also has serious security problems that make it an attractive target for hackers.


You need to be aware of these problems and take proper precautions to protect yourself.


The Frightening Risks of Adobe Flash


Last month, Recorded Future put out a new study that revealed some startling risks with Adobe Flash. The study analyzed 100 different tools that hackers use to exploit their victims. The study found that eight of the ten most popular exploit kits targeted Abode Flash.


Anyone that is familiar with Adobe Flash understands why hackers will target it. First of all, it is installed on so many machines, that it gives hackers access to a huge base of possible victims. Secondly, Adobe Flash has more security holes than a piece of Swiss cheese at a target range.


“While the role of Adobe Flash vulnerabilities as a regular in-road for criminals and malware should come as no surprise to information security professionals, the scale is significant,” the report states.


This report shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has read news about major security breaches in recent years. In July, a team of hackers uncovered several zero-day security vulnerabilities. Adobe has been forced to release a number of patches for these programs. The risks were so bad that Steve Jobs wouldn’t allow iPhones to run Flash.


What Can You Do About these Risks?


The security flaws that come with Adobe Flash Players are no laughing matter. You need to know what measures you can take to reduce the likelihood that your computer will be exploited. Here are some tips to consider.


Consider Uninstalling the Application


Uninstalling Adobe Flash may feel like giving up in defeat. However, you need to ask yourself how often you use the application. If you rarely need it, then it is probably just taking up unnecessary memory anyways. You might as well uninstall it to make your computer more secure.


Keep a Lookout for New Security Patches


Adobe isn’t shy about admitting the security problems associated with its Flash media player. They have released a number of security patches over the years. You will want to keep an eye out for notifications that a new vulnerability was discovered and find out if a new patch is being rolled out. You should always install these patches. Remember that most tools used by hackers target Adobe, so people that don’t install them are leaving themselves at risk. 



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