What are Keyloggers and How AVG Protects You from Them

August 7, 2016 Tips



Nowadays, using computers is not as simple as it used to be even compared to the computer situation a decade ago. The security concerns make billions of PC users worried and there are enough reasons behind their worry. With time, malware aimed at PCs are getting more complex and severe in nature.


Along with individual PC users, large corporations and MNCs are getting exploited by malware of various types and hacking exploits are something celebs have also faced. Along with regular computer virus, keyloggers have emerged as a new threat for users. However, it is possible to detect and eliminate such specialized malware with AVG security software.


What are keyloggers and what threat they pose?


Keyloggers can be described as a stealthy kind of malware that are used to stealing personal information from computer users. Malware creators develop such rogue software that masquerade as regular software and sneak into PCs with lower or compromised security. Thereafter, these apps record keystrokes and thus the card and online banking passwords are captured.


These data are sent to the hackers who then use the data to exploit users. A majority of keyloggers are often bundled with other apps or even email attachments. They are stealthy in nature and many times PC security software cannot detect them.


They can sneak into your PC in a number of ways, such as:

  • As an attachment in a zip file
  • As an email attachment
  • With some adware app
  • With a fake security software bundle


Signs your PC has been affected by keyloggers


After a malware invades your PC and breaches the security level, you can spot certain symptoms. It can vary based on type of malware and its mechanism. When a keylogger sneaks into your PC evading your security software, you can get some symptoms too. While most keyloggers have a stealthy working mechanism, the most commonplace symptoms is your passwords not working or a password protected account is being accessed randomly.


The consequences can actually be quite severe and you may face legal consequences. If the keylogger succeeds in recording keystrokes and steals your card details, the hackers may get access to it. They can misuse your credit and debit card as well as bank accounts. This can have far reaching consequences.


Why use AVG to detect and eliminate keyloggers?


There are plenty of PC security software you can pick from with an aim to keep keyloggers and other type of malware at bay. However, AVG is trusted name in computer security. Billions of PC users have used AVG security products for over a decade now. Nowadays, AVG has products aimed at mobile devices too.


You can use the AVG free antivirus which offers a decent level of protection from malware and there are other words too. AVG also enjoys high ratings from PC security testing labs and the software solutions receive regular updates, thus making the detection of newer malware possible.


Which AVG software to use to detect and remove keyloggers?


The software range offered by AVG has widened over the years for changing user needs and the evolving pattern of malware invasion. Choosing the most salient and stellar AVG solution to keep your PC safe from keyloggers and other online threats can be tedious.


  • AVG Free Antivirus – Students with tight budgets or users who do not want to pay, but want a security solution for their PC often install the free version of AVG Antivirus. It is lightweight and quite user friendly. The software is rated as one of the top free antivirus solutions worldwide. Using it will offer you a decent amount of protection from malware of various types including keyloggers. Its resident shield and link protection can safeguard from downloading attachments or files that may contain a keylogger or virus. However, people who make a lot of online transactions with credit or debit cards may press the button for enhanced security to stave off keyloggers.
  • AVG Antivirus Pro – When you do banking online and make plenty of transactions online, using an enhanced PC security solution is quintessential. The AVG Antivirus Pro fits the bill perfectly. Along with the core antivirus component and link protection it packs in additional features that offer enhanced safety from stealthy malware, including keyloggers. Its ‘Online Shield’, prevents multiple harmful content from being downloaded. This is effective for preventing keyloggers from sneaking in. Once keyloggers make inroads into your PC, finding who they are can be a hurdle. So preventing the entry of such rogue apps is the avenue you want to take. Using its Data Safe technology, you can encrypt important financial information and make the data even more protected.
  • AVG Protection Pro – When you use more than one PC and mobile devices for online banking needs and making purchases online AVG Protection Pro is your best bet to fight keyloggers. This software includes two very useful features – Anti Spam and Firewall. A lot of malware is often passed through spam and unsolicited emails. When your PC is protected with AVG’s spam filter, a plethora of harmful emails cannot make it into your inbox at all. This reduces the risk of keylogger and malware invasion to a magnificent extent. Besides, this version receives priority updates from AVG support. This eventually enhances the chance of catching newer strains of malware including keylogger variants.

Both AVG Antivirus Pro and AVG Protection pro can be tried without any limitation for a period of time before you actually have to make the purchase. Based on the source of the purchase, you may qualify for some discounts.


Considering other Options


Sometimes your AVG security software may fail to detect certain evasive malware such as a keylogger app. When this happens, you should seek tech support. AVG tech support may be able to help you pinpoint and remove the keylogger from the affected PC.


Another option is to secure the service from different PC security software. You will find a number of vendors offering in depth, cloud based online PC scan services. One of these may be able to locate that rogue keylogger hiding in the core of your OS in your laptop or desktop. If that is possible, that software will eradicate them.

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