Reinstalling AVG Antivirus on a Newly Formatted Machine

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Using an antivirus in desktop or laptop computers is a prerequisite and it is more relevant for computers running Windows OS versions. There are so many antivirus apps one can pick from but AVG is a popular choice. AVG antivirus comes in many versions, including Internet Security, paid and free antivirus, etc.


Most versions of AVG software are liked by computer users for factors such as ease of use, astute malware detection, low system load etc. With time, the company has made a foray into Mac and mobile security as well.


Reinstalling AVG Software on PCs


Using AVG software like Antivirus or Internet Security definitely helps in safeguarding your computer from various offline and web based malware and threats. However, it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the AVG security software sometimes.


Why you may need to reinstall AVG security software:


  • This can be caused by a malware invasion which forced you to format the HDD. Naturally, when the HDD is formatted everything is erased and OS and all software need to be reinstalled. Sometimes, persistent and stealthy malware may evade AVG and make OS level damage, leading to a format and subsequent reinstall.
  • Sometimes, the AVG software installed in your desktop or laptop may become corrupted after core files are mistakenly deleted by other users. This can be done inadvertently by a teen user who may not be aware of the consequences. Sometimes, uninstall cannot be done even by using third party uninstallers and users are forced to reinstall the software after performing a format.
  • A hardware failure may also lead to reinstallation AVG security software. If your PC’s hard disk fails after prolonged wear and tear, you will have to use a new HDD and install an OS and AVG software thereafter.


Reinstalling AVG on a formatted PC is not cumbersome but the process can be a little different based on your situation. Not every user has the same version or type of AVG software.


Using the Right Software


AVG security software comes in many versions. There are free version and paid versions available and some people also use AVG Internet Security. If you want to reinstall AVG post formatting the HDD, pick the software that you had been using before. People who have more than one PC often use AVG Protection which comes with a Zen dashboard.


Re-installing AVG Free Software


A majority of AVG users flip the switch for the free antivirus software. The software is effective against most malware and also offers a layer of security from diverse online threats. Some advanced features are not available in the free version like spam protection, but it serves the need for home users pretty well. Reinstalling the free AVG antivirus is quite simple.


After formatting the installing the desired OS, you need to head to the AVG website. The url is From here, you can download the software and install it on the PC. You will get the latest software version this way. There is no need to use any CD or DVD as such.


Methods for Re-installing AVG (Commercial) Security Software


There are basically two methods for reinstalling AVG security software after formatting the HDD.


  • If you have the AVG installation disc, use it for reinstalling the software after you have installed the OS. Pop in the installation disc in optical drive slot of your PC and it will auto run. If Auto run fails to start or is disabled at the system level, click on the installable Exe file to begin installation. Proceed through the step by step wizard to wrap up the process. It does not take a long time in most cases.
  • If you do not have installation media, head to the AVG website and download the apt software type (such as AVG antivirus of Ultimate protection) and install it. You can find the apt software version at the AVG download center ( After download is complete, run the setup to complete the installation.


Activating the Software Post Reinstallation


Whether you do a new installation or reinstallation of any AVG security software, it becomes necessary to register it online. Usually, this is done after the software installation is complete. Your PC needs to be connected to the Internet for the registration to be successful.


This can be done either from the AVG interface or by going to AVG website. Users need to browse country specific AVG website if they do it from web browser directly. For example, those users in South Africa should use the link for product registration online.


The software will calculate the remaining days of usage available for your license. You will have to enter the license number, during online registration. It is a simple process and should not take more than a few minutes.


What If You Do Not Have The Disc And License Key?


In some cases, you may lose the installation disc and worry about not being able to use the bought license key! If you had purchased a legal copy, there is nothing to worry and you will still be able to enjoy the remaining eligible days of protection. AVG can send you the same license key you had used during registration for the first time. They will need the email-id you had used for registration earlier and the license key will be sent to that id.


You need to browse this link At the web page, you need to provide the email id used for first registration and type a displayed verification code. After that, the license key will be emailed to you. Using it, you can complete the AVG software registration. Thereafter, the software upgrade can be done, if a new version is available.


Both the procedures are simple and do not require much time. However, if you are still not sure, you can get in touch with the AVG support online. You will also come across a number of online video tutorials to guide users on this.

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